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In 2015 Romaldo’s eldest son Antongiulio Greco, along with his sister Gloria, joined their father in reorganizing the vineyards.

The gradual passing of the baton and generational succession has propelled the Romaldo Greco company into a new production phase that combines tradition and new technologies.

New grape varieties have been introduced and modern and innovative rationalization has been carried out through suitable training forms and planting densities and especially by increasing mechanization.

Romaldo GRECO

U n i q u e w i n e s f r o m n a t i v e g r a p e v a r i e t i e s o f S a l e n t o

Azienda Agricola Romaldo Greco is a family-run winery, active since 1973, based in Seclì, a predominantly agricultural village located on the western side of Salento, Puglia, Italy. The Seclì countryside has always been a land devoted to the cultivation of vines.

In the tradition of the territory that hosts the company, founder Romaldo Greco, has always dedicated himself to the cultivation of vines with daily commitment and sacrifice.

Over the years, thanks to constant research work, the quality of the grapes has gradually improved until internationally recognized goals have been achieved.

Romaldo Greco

A p a s s i o n f o r n a t i v e g r a p e v a r i e t i e s

The Romaldo Greco winery does not follow market trends, varying production according to public taste and the fashions of the moment, but devotes all its energy to the enhancement of native grape varieties, reinterpreting the centuries-old tradition of the Salento area in a contemporary way.

From this strip of land in southern Italy come fine wines capable of competing in quality and taste in international contexts.

In order to achieve increasingly ambitious goals, the Romaldo Greco winery has, for years now, relied on the collaboration of consultant agronomist Stefano Dini and oenologist Goffredo Agostini, both collaborators of the Matura Group, a well-established international firm in the field of wine consulting. Thanks to their experience, the company has embarked on a path of constant updating and enhancement of its products.

Romaldo GReco

F r o m a f i s t f u l o f s o i l , t h e r o o t s o f o u r h i s t o r y

The history of the Romaldo Greco winery has always had strong ties to the land.

Its founder, Romaldo, has never given up contact with the land during his 50 years in the business.

The warmth, the energy of the clay soil of Salento, the memories of traditional peasant songs on harvest days, punctuated every moment of work on the Romaldo Greco estates.

Tradition is the thread that guides this company from generation to generation, roots firmly in the past with a projection toward the new challenges of the future.

Romaldo greco

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