PURO is a 100% Black Malvasia, this grape belongs to the Malvasia family but unlike White Malvasia it is not an aromatic grape. PURO impresses with body, alcohol content, elegance and finesse. They say Malvasia was imported by the Venetians from the Peloponnese in the Middle Ages, then spread throughout the Mediterranean, and so to Italy. The name “Malvasia” probably comes from Monenvasia, a town on the eastern coast of the Peloponnese. PURO wine goes well with: fish soup; seared salmon or grilled white meats; fresh flavored cheeses.

Designation: Salento IGP
Grape varieties: Malvasia Nera
Alcohol by volume: 12,5%
Oenologist: Goffredo Agostini – Gruppo Matura
Agronomists: Stefano Dini and Dario Ceccatelli, Gruppo Matura

Tasting notes

Colour: bright soft rosé.
Bouquet: delicate, with fruity notes recalling cherry and red apple and elegant floreal hint of elder.
Flavour: soft and fresh, well balanced, with a good tasty sensation and a light almond finish.

Vineyard Characteristics

Production zone: Galatone (Lecce)
Year of planting: 2005
Exposure: east-west
Altitude: 76 MSL
Soil type: loamy-clay, tendentially alkaline and slightly calcareous.
Plant density: 3.500 plants per ha.
Training system: spurred cordon (m 2,2 x 1)
Vintage season: end of September.
Method of harvesting: hand picking in small baskets.
Grape yield: 12 t/ha
Wine yield: 90 hl/ha

Vinification and aging

Pressing: crusher/destemmer
Fermentation: stainless steel tanks. Fermentation temperature: 16°C
Maceration with skin contact: 2 hours
Ageing containers: steel
Aging: 4 months in steel tanks.

92/100 Austria
Daniele Cernilli:
94/100 Italy
Gambero Rosso​:
Tre bicchieri Italy

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