Niurumaru Winefestival 2016

N i u r u m a r u W i n e f e s t i v a l 2 0 1 6

Created with the intention of celebrating #Negroamaro, one of the most representative grape varieties of Salento’s land, #NiurumaruWineFestival in the 2016 edition is renewed and enlarged.

Five stops have been selected, starting with Leuca (July 15-16-17, Cristoforo Colombo seafront), moving on to #Torredell’Orso (July 22-23-24, Matteotti seafront), then on to #Gallipoli (July 29-30-31, Aldo Moro square), the timeless #Lecce (August 8-9-10, Piazza Sant’Oronzo) and concluding in beauty with #Otranto the most easterly point in Italy (August 19-20-21, Degli Eroi seafront – Porta Alfonsina). #RomaldoGreco presents #Nigra and #Duodecim.

Katerina Monroe
Katerina Monroe

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Congratulations on the award, it's well deserved! You guys definitely know what you're doing. Looking forward to my next visit to the winery!

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